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Animal Enclosure

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Animal enclosure wire mesh is the base application of stainless steel wire cable netting wire mesh, its designs for zoo environments and all kinds of animals feeding enclosure wire mesh, custom designed to meet your zoo's unique needs while enhancing your visitor's enjoyment.
The animal enclosure mesh is made of virtually indestructible stainless steel, to safely contain any species on land, in the air indoors or out. And the cable size and weave opening are infinitely customizable to meet your exhibits exact specifications. No matter how large, how small, how strong, or how cunning your specimens are, our animal containment assures their complete security. As the most pliable containment system available, the animal enclosure mesh can be draped to create total containment around trees, rocks, or other hard-to-fit spaces. The animal enclosure mesh is light enough to cover long, unsupported spans without sagging, even over time. And, unlike chain-link barriers, our netting cannot become bent or misshapen, even by your strongest animals. The animal enclosure mesh blends invisibly into the environment, resists the elements, and will never rust or stain. From any angle, lines of sight are improved, and the natural beauty of your animals and their habitats is heightened.

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